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How is PagePipe different from WP Faster WordPress optimization services?

Glad you asked. WP Faster optimization services sound great. While the market stats they quote are true for big companies – they’re irrelevant for our audience. We work with small-to-medium size International web businesses.

People visiting PagePipe need a speed doctor. They know it already. We don’t have to do any convincing of speed benefits. WP Faster wants speed converts. Our audience already is made of speed evangelists. We suspect WP Faster produces similar performance results in the end … but you pay double to triple the cost. The sky’s the limit with their pricing.

So the price is a big difference. But our speed philosophy is different, too. We use the Pareto principle – 80/20 rule – as our guide. This is value analysis. Or cost-benefit analysis. We discover unrealized speed improvement opportunities.

Not everything is important or makes a significant difference in speed.

Anything you want that isn’t The WP-Faster way voids their refund policy. They, also, specifically say they “don’t teach how to do what they do.” We teach. Our goal is technical obsolescence. We want you to understand how to fix speed yourself and avoid future problems. WP Faster won’t even talk to you on the phone unless you pay a $6,000 deposit.

What WP Faster says confuses. They have abnormalities and contradictions in their FAQ section. For example:

WP Faster requires a mandatory installation of the $200 per month Cloudflare plan. They say not using Cloudflare voids their warranty. What warranty? And what host do they recommend? The speed-despised, $35-per-month SiteGround hosting!

PagePipe makes your site fast on your existing shared hosting without CDN. We don’t add costs using extra affiliate services for kickbacks. We reduce your annual overhead.

The flimsy pseudo-guarantee:

“The sale is final, even if we were, through no fault of our own, unable to install, in full or in part, the performance architecture we have devised for your site.” – WP Faster

They repeat over and over: no refunds. With legal ferocity and verbosity.

Do better UX and speed improve profits?

It’s documented proof for BIG companies. But will it help you? That depends. Are you selling something perceived as good? If the answer is, “No, I sell rubbish useless unwanted stuff.” Then don’t waste your time tweaking speed.

But, if your offer and content are good, speed helps. Faster load times make visitors happy. No waiting.

Speed Band-Aids and Quick Fixes

Build with Empathy – GIVE SPEED

Many WordPress speed optimization services charge too much for applying band-aid fixes to slow sites. They promise improved test scores. But not guarantees of improved load time gains in milliseconds. Test scores are esoteric tweaks that make no significant difference. The test results recommend score improvement with technical services such as:

  • Leverage browser caching.*
  • Use a CDN (content distribution network).
  • Plugin prioritization and load order.
  • Remove above-the-fold render-blocking.
  • Lazy loading images.*
  • Minification of HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.*
  • Improve server response time (TTFB).*

This list above is one of minor improvements. We do some of them* but only if it doesn’t break your site – or cost you an arm-and-a-leg in custom coding.

How did bogus, ivory-tower, speed test scores, and recommendations originate? LEARN MORE

Now don’t get us wrong, some scores help site speed. We use these techniques from time to time. But there are glaring wasteful issues when using quick fixes:

  • Because scores are superficial, real speed gains are often unrealized.
  • Speed gains don’t last because site owners aren’t taught the root causes of slow site speed.
  • Band-aid plugin fixes are easy to do yourself (and often free). Don’t waste money.

Read our breakdown of one service, and learn how to duplicate their $1,000 optimization for free.

Substitute popular WordPress plugins with low-cost, faster alternatives. Get super performance, free price tags, and no annual renewal charges (plugin rent).

Using the Pareto Principle (or 80/20 rule), helps us make your site leaner and faster. We discover unrealized opportunities.

Want a 100 score on Google PageSpeed Insights? WordPress themes won’t pass those silly speed tests.

We’ll propose a speed strategy and then, with your approval, we’ll do it.

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