Convert wrong-format images and create optimum compression.


Speed up your pages. If your photograph images weigh 500k to 1M, this is the fastest way to fix them. You want skinny lossy formats, not fat lossless images.

Lossy photos are 70 to 80 percent smaller file sizes. Lossy doesn’t mean bad or lousy. Fix your entire media library. There is no loss of visual quality. Unneeded data is removed. Lessen the photo size with unnoticeable removal of information. Use this plugin for media library repair and maintenance.

Lightweight: 2.0 millisecond load time. 8.5k package size.

Image optimization opportunities are small.

Sometimes there’s an opportunity in converting non-transparent PNG images to JPEG format. You can compress JPEGs at a quality between 70 and 82. 82Q is the WordPress default. And it is FixPix plugin default, too. It’s the same as a Photoshop compression of 50Q. That “grade” passes the criteria of “goodness.” It’s a good benchmark. This will reduce page weight. Page weight reduction isn’t always proportionate to speed improvement. We measure speed in milliseconds.

Convert non-transparent PNGs to JPEGs to the WordPress 82-quality setting default.

Converting non-transparent PNGs to JPEGs (lossy-quality setting of 82) reduces the page weight. This classic error of choosing the wrong image file format is novice. But it happens all the time. PNG to JPEG image optimization changed a 6.5M, 15-second page into a 2.6M, 8.5-second page. Is that good? Hardly! Not when your goal is 2 seconds.

FixPix plugin needs cautious use or you can ruin many things. Our advice is: after using the plugin on the media library, disable it. That will prevent any slow down. This is the same thing to do for any plugin that’s used for maintenance. They don’t have to be chugging server resources all the time.

Of the page weight, often 88 percent is images. All sites are image intensive. The average is 55 percent of weight is images. So you’d think, “Let’s optimize images and get better results.”

Does image optimization always make a speed difference? No. The needle mat not move. Image weight becomes transparent and gets a boost from browser parallel loading. Yet, we always do image optimization with FixPix and it’s companion plugin Smoosh.

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