Video instruction and four discrete plugins. This module is purpose-built for one goal: improving mobile and desktop page speed. These lightweight plugins won’t slow down your website.

We use these plugins to sell $500 performance optimization services to our clientele. Synergistic uncomplicated and unpretentious optimization plugins.

Price $265 for this module. No annual renewal fees. Free updates.

SpeedSwitch | SpeedXRay | LongCache | TourniKit

Web professionals: Sell performance optimization services.

Designed to give you the tools and know-how you need to speed up websites. We use the same tools and techniques to successfully optimize WordPress sites for speed. Our service fee is $500.

Each plugin – and accompanying documents – are yours to keep forever. There are no renewal fees.

PagePipe exclusive plugins. No renewal fee. Free updates.

Torture-tested for 5 years on PagePipe – and client sites.

No owner registration required. No API sign-up required. No slow remote server requests.

SpeedRescue Kit
contains four plugin strategies.

SpeedSwitch is a component plugin. It’s part of the SpeedRescue Kit performance optimization module.


It’s best to deactivate heavy plugins on pages where they’re not needed. Selective plugin activation is your secret mobile-speed strategy.



Examine the load time of each plugin on your site. Then we teach you how to use the Pareto 80/20 principle to isolate the worst offenders for treatment with two of our powerful speed plugins: SpeedSwitch and TourniKit



Leverage browser caching. Various online speed tests report this fault condition as slowing down pages. But they don’t explain much about what it is and how to fix it. It’s easy – and this is the simple plugin solution.



Take control over the scripts and styles enqueued on your site. To enqueue means to add scripts and styles from themes and plugins waiting for processing (standing in line). These show up as requests in speed test waterfalls. Now you can turn those delays off when unneeded.


Kit files are in a 140MB ZIP folder download. There is no renewal fee. These plugins are evergreen. They don’t require updates.

We’ve torture-tested them for 5 years on PagePipe website – and client sites.

No owner registration required. No API sign-up required. No slow remote server requests.

Client Results

“I’m absolutely delighted and I wouldn’t have got anywhere near the 1-second load time without your guidance, so I’m eternally grateful.” United Kingdom


Save over $100 and get a free Rescue Kit to optimize WordPress core when you buy the SpeedHospital Super Bundle.

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