Turn off unneeded script requests with TourniKit speed plugin.

OUR MOBILE-SPEED PRESCRIPTION: Designed for code-free mobile speed. Included in Geek and Pro bundles.


For ages we’ve wanted the ability to switch off Font Awesome icon font. We see it as unnecessary baggage many themes include as a feature. In fact, most themes include it now. Sometimes, this 70k+ file is added to page weight just to make a single icon – like the magnifying glass in the search field, or perhaps the hamburger icon for a mobile menu. What a waste!

We learned we could “dequeue” that icon-non-feature in the WordPress functions.php file. But this always proved tedious or broke things. We wanted a faster, safer way to test. We asked our local WordPress meetup if they knew of a plugin that would remove Font Awesome painlessly. No one had any clue.

With TourniKit plugin not only can we dequeue Font Awesome, we can get rid of Google fonts and other heavy assets like unused sliders that have universal page loads.

Description: A tool for experienced frontend performance engineers to take control over the scripts and styles enqueued on their site.

Hey! We are front-end performance engineers! But the plugin doesn’t say, “Font Awesome Remover plugin.”

The word “experienced” in the description is scary. But the damage done by novices can be quickly undone with some built-in safety features.

Once the plugin is activated, browse to any page on the front of your site. An Assets link will appear on the top right of the WordPress admin bar. Click that to view and manage all assets globally.

That’s it “Assets” on the front side of the page. Not the dashboard side. Up there in the top right corner of your screen. Click it to open up the control panel for the plugin.

The plugin control on the front because the assets only get enqueued on the frontend, so the plugin doesn’t really know anything on the backend. That’s why we only show the link on the frontend. But many people don’t understand this link location. It’s not in the admin dashboard. It dequeues assets globally – not per page.

What if I dequeued jQuery (or something I shouldn’t have done) and now my site is broken. Go to the list of plugins in your admin panel. Find TourniKit and click the “Restore Dequeued Assets” link. Nice and easy.

What a beautiful unusual plugin with a lot of hidden speed potential.

Here’s another application example, we recently used TourniKit plugin to de-enqueue the lazy-load-images function of Speed Booster Pack plugin. That was a javascript file called sbp-lazy-load.min.js. It was being loaded globally and adding page weight. We wanted to test the nice other features of Speed Booster Pack plugin – but not the lazy load because it caused site drag. That function was loaded even if it wasn’t selected in the plugin control panel. Weird! Our preference was using a different lazy load plugin which had no site drag at all – a weightless plugin. Piece of cake with TourniKit!

Oh, and it’s *virtually* weightless. Perfect.

Here’s another example: Navigate to a page where you’d like to disable some request that are superfluous. The unwanted request will show up in a speed test waterfall chart. In this case, the plugin Blog Manager Light loaded Twitter scripts. We don’t use twitter. And it loaded a stripped-down Font Awesome icon set that we didn’t need either.

We turned those unneeded requested scripts off with TourniKit plugin.

Click to enlarge. 29 scripts removed from an Elementor site.


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