This video instruction module includes three discrete plugins purpose-built with one goal: improving image load times. Synergistic uncomplicated and unpretentious optimization plugins.

This is not like free Smush or API. Those feeble lossless plugins only compress images 10 percent.

Price $336 for this module. No annual renewal fees. Free updates.

SmooshPix | SmooshStatic | SmooshLazy

Web professionals: Sell image optimization services.

Designed to give you the tools and know-how you need to speed up websites. We use the same tools and techniques to successfully optimize WordPress sites for speed. Our service fee is $500.

Each plugin – and accompanying documents – are yours to keep forever. There are no renewal fees.

PagePipe exclusive plugins. No renewal fee. Free updates.

Torture-tested for 5 years on PagePipe – and client sites.

No owner registration required. No API sign-up required. No slow remote server requests.

contains three discrete plugins:

SmooshPix is a component plugin. It’s part of the SmooshKit image optimization module.


Convert wrong-format images and create optimum compression. Speed up your pages. If your photograph images weigh 500k to 1M, this is the fastest fix. There is no loss of visual quality.


SmooshStatic is a component plugin. It’s part of the SmooshKit image optimization module.


Correctly size and compress oversized new uploads. Savings of up to 70 or 80 percent file size. Make backups faster with a reduced media library. Keep this plugin activated for best results.



Instant jQ is a component plugin. It’s part of the SmooshKit image optimization module.


WordPress theme developers normally use the resident jQuery included with WordPress. It loads when your site is visited by users.

The fastest jQuery is the one you never have to load. Why? Because it’s already in the browser cache. Google’s CDN serves the jQuery file with headers that cache the file for up to one year. This creates a potent effect of “cross-site caching.”


Client Results

“My site went from loading in over 4 seconds to loading in under 2 seconds. Steve’s recommended changes in hosting and plugins save me over $500 every year.” The Tool Merchants Oregon, USA


Save over $100 and get a free Rescue Kit to optimize WordPress core when you buy the SpeedHospital Super Bundle.

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