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If you’re a web professional, you can get paid to speed tune your clients’ sites. You’ve discovered new income-earning potential. Wow your clients by delivering professional speed results.

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SpeedHospital – without pills or headaches.
Learn marketable web skills.

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SpeedSwitch, LongCache, YouZoom, Instant-jQ, LongCache, and KrunchKore.
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Optimize WordPress websites using selective plugin activation. Conditionally disable heavy plugins to speed up page load times. Prevent plugins from loading on every page and post of a site.

SpeedSwitch speed rescue kit includes the lightweight SpeedSwitch plugin, a 17-page PDF guide, and 6-minute instruction video.

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Leverage browser caching: Various online speed tests report this fault condition as slowing down pages. But they don’t explain much about what it is and how to fix it. It’s easy – and this is the simple plugin solution. No instruction needed. Virtually no settings. Lightweight.

Included free in SpeedHospital bundle.

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WordPress theme developers normally use the resident jQuery included with WordPress. It loads when your site is visited by users. The fastest jQuery is the one you never have to load. No instruction needed. No settings. Lightweight.

Included free in SpeedHospital bundle.

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$49 value
Shave over 500-milliseconds to 1-second off global load time. Eleven discrete plugins to strip or disable unneeded and unused baggage.

This rescue kit includes an 83-page PDF Guide and a 7-minute instruction video.

Our recommended super-lightweight speed-enhancing plugins. All downloadable from the free WordPress plugin directory. We show you where they are hiding in the 55,000 listing. These fast-loading specialty plugins allow you to choose disconnecting performance-killing non-features and filler of WordPress core – and default themes.

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$29 value
Save over 500 to 700 milliseconds lazy loading videos using free plugins.
Collection of free discrete plugins for lazy loading YouTube or Vimeo videos.

YouZoom speed rescue kit includes a 19-page PDF Guide and 5-minute instruction video.

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Do the speed plugins work? We use these same plugins to sell performance optimization services to our clientele. They are synergistic, uncomplicated, and unpretentious optimization plugins.

I can’t find these plugins anywhere else. Why not? Some of these plugins are exclusive to PagePipe. They’re not available elsewhere. Others are hidden in the 55,000 WordPress plugin directory. We show you where to find them.

Are there any ongoing fees to use the plugins? Each plugin – and accompanying documents – are yours to keep forever. There are no renewal fees.

Do I need to register the plugins before use? No owner registration required. No API sign-up required. No slow remote server requests. No embedded advertising popups.

Can I use the plugins on multiple websites? Yes, you may use them on unlimited sites – including your client sites. Just don’t resell them.

Does your method require coding or other programming? No. Our method does not require coding or programming.

Do you offer support? We offer email support for 30 days.

Who created SpeedHospital?
Steve Teare and the PagePipe staff are the creators of SpeedHospital. Steve is a performance engineer – and author of the popular speed blog,

Can I read more testimonials? Sure. Knock yourself out.

RESULTS “My site went from loading in over 4 seconds to loading in under 2 seconds. Steve’s recommended changes in hosting and plugins save me over $521 every year.” -- Matt

There are few people as obsessed with speed as I am. PagePipe (Steve Teare) is one of them and he’s been messing with it for longer than I have. He’s probably the OG of website speed back in an era (20 years ago) when very few small-site owners cared about it. I’ve exchanged really pleasant emails with him and amusingly, we both agree with each other on many philosophies regarding speed, design, development, and business in general.

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