Heal user experience with WordPress performance optimization.

Google page-experience compliance.

SITE TUNING – Build with Empathy

Instead of band-aid approaches, we drill down to the root cause of your slow site. This is Origin Optimization. To do this, we analyze site components:

  • Hosting.
  • Theme.
  • Plugins.
  • Scripts and third-party services.
  • Images and media library.
  • We minimize globally-loading plugin effects.

Excessive ☠ Speed
Speedup Your Site
We Do It for You
✔ Fully Loaded Time speed audit.
✔ Consultation of speed problems and opportunities.
Speed: Under two-seconds.
Delivery: 10 working days.
Changes: Done-for-you.
Image optimization included -- if needed.
Image Optimization
Optional Service
Speed Up Images
Media Library Assessment
✔ Media library assessment.
✔ Written report.
✔ Identification of problem images.
✔ List of performance recommendations
We make changes for you.
◀ This option is included free with purchase of speed tuning.


Recommended changes are made once you approve our recommendations.
We then do them for you.

You choose the recommendations based on your web business goals.

Testing includes a written report.

“if: We share your speed ulcer.
then: You pay for our psychotherapy.”

More than a mere speed audit.

Holding Our Feet to a Hellish Fire
Demanding clients want “the uncompromising best.” They’re extremely critical. They may be overly concerned with vanity metrics.

We measure with tough standards, it’s a challenge to achieve Olympic “perfection.” testing is slowest and tedious. Lots of waiting and retesting.

WebPagetest reports Fully Loaded Time.

Connection default is 5-megabits per second (cable).

Fully loaded time is the point after the Onload event fires and there’s no network activity for 2 seconds. There’s a long wait for results. This event fires only when a page completely stops loading content. This includes ads and below the fold elements. Your site might load fast above the fold and be usable. The analysis is waiting for the entire site to stop loading data, so the reported Page Load Time might be longer.

Delivery: 10 days.

Does site speed even matter?

Everyone hates slow loading webpages.

Google claims site speed directly affects search engine rankings.

We have yet to see dramatic proof of this and remain skeptical. But should you ignore page speed?

From a user’s perspective, page speed absolutely matters. How many times have you hit the back button instead of waiting for a slow page to load? It’s the age of on-demand everything. Web users are impatient and won’t tolerate a slow loading site.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” – Peter F. Drucker.

Our speed repair protocol.

First, we’ll need some info from you.

1. Tell us your highest-trafficked pages. Give us your Top-10 URLs and the percentage of total traffic. We focus on these pages – though site improvements are often global (site-wide). Please submit these as text URL links – and not an image file or screengrab. Why? Because we can’t copy-and paste pictures for testing. We need URLs.

2. We’ll analyze your site and then meet for video consultation with speed recommendations and explain why to change.

3. With your approval, we make the changes you approve from the plan. The project is usually done in under 1 week depending upon our workload and complexity. But the project ends in 30 days.

We need a 100% deposit via PayPal before beginning.
Satisfaction guaranteed — but half is non-refundable. Sorry. We’re not a charity. We tried that.

PayPal is a secure SSL-encrypted payment.


Make a deposit.

2Next download our pre-flight checklist.
You’ll get an email download link.

3Send us the requested information via return email.

Some slow websites are fixable only with a rebuild. This is often due to a heavy theme coupled with a burdensome page builder on poor hosting. Or unpredictable advertising scripts.

If we discover your site is beyond speed repair, we’ll refund all but half of your deposit. A necessity so we stay in business.

We promise you won’t enjoy what we find. Why? Everyone wants to hear the truth about site speed until Steve Teare opens his mouth. Reality is painful!

You get valuable speed information – even if we can’t save the day. We heal websites. Someone must pick up the tab for the time expenditure for diagnosis. There’s no speed insurance policy or guarantee for an impossible miracle cure.

Most websites aren’t hopeless. But if this is your site’s diagnosis, let’s do a strategic rebuild for speed. But our goal isn’t selling extra unneeded work.

Vanity metrics make you look good to others. But they don’t help you understand your performance in a way to produce future strategies.

We do NOT use speed scores in our evaluations. Scores are a vanity metrics trap. What matters are measurements of:

  • load time in milliseconds
  • number of requests
  • page weight file size in kilobytes


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I have been searching for years to find the most accurate information available on WordPress speed optimization but I was never able to get my site fast enough. I was extremely fortunate to stumble upon PagePipe which seemed to have a lot of information that no one was talking about, but it made so much sense.” North Carolina, USA

“To be honest, I didn’t expect much in the way of a reply but what I got was truly astonishing. He is a genius at what he does, as honest as they come and one of the last really good guys. If you need help with your WordPress site, try Steve first. You won’t need to look any further!” Fort Lauderdale, FL

“I’m absolutely delighted and I wouldn’t have got anywhere near the 1-second load time without your guidance, so I’m eternally grateful.” United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you work on my site while it’s live?

We prefer a staging area. But, we often work *live* without site interruption. But if you have staging options with your host – it’s great.

Have you ever torpedoed a website?

We recommend you backup your site before we begin. Safety first! We never nuke a site. But to say we’ve never “white paged” a site would be a lie. We fix it quickly by undoing the change. This is often caused by a plugin conflict.

How long does the optimization take?

This depends upon complexity. It’s custom work. But the project expires in 30 days.

Will you need access to my site’s WordPress dashboard – or my hosting account?

We don’t need Cpanel access. But in an emergency (like a corrupted server HT-access file), we’ll need a URL, account name, and C-panel password. Sometimes, it’s best to expect the unexpected. If it’s a security policy, we understand your caution. You decide.

We do need administrative access to your WordPress dashboard. We recommend setting up a new administrator account name and password. Then remove PagePipe team members after project completion.

Watch this 3-minute YouTube video about how to add a new administrator to your WordPress website.

What else will you need from me after I order?

Thank you for trusting us with something so important to you. We’re speed professionals. We’ll let you know if there are any site abnormalities.

Do you optimize my site for both mobile and desktop performance?


Will my page speed scores improve?

Most likely. But … that isn’t our goal. It’s not about scores – but milliseconds of load time improvement. We also work hard to reduce page weight. This is important for mobile users especially. Ignore scores.

Read our competitor analysis here


Every site is unique. It requires a custom strategy. There’s no magic bullet, plugin, or shortcut remedy for curing slow sites. Many think, “If I could use a CDN, special plugin, or have better caching that’d solve my speed problems.” But these tricks aren’t good enough – or long-lasting. They don’t get to the root – the origin. Over the site lifespan, temporary band-aids cost money every year. Much more than we charge for one origin optimization.

Site Tuning

Speed is part of your website body language. First impressions matter. A fast site is like a genuine smile and a firm handshake. It’s a warm welcome. It’s about web hospitality. Speed is the first hurdle to achieve a good user experience (UX). Good UX produces better SEO.

Mobile WordPress Speed

Speed (page load time) is measured in milliseconds and page weight in kilobytes.

Speed is a user-experience fundamental.
Without good speed, you can’t have good UX.

Speed is a moment of kindness.

Chasing scores and green colors frequently make no difference in load time or page weight. No change in user experience.

Everyone hates a slow website.

We don’t work from Saturday midnight until Monday 1am Pacific time zone.